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Automatic Calculations

The 4500PP Time Clock automatically records employee 

in and out punches on a six column time card and 

calculates worked hours between punches, cumulative hours and OT hours per pay period for up to 50 employees!

Automatic Time Card Alignment

The automatic time card feed perfectly aligns date, in and out punch times, daily time, cumulative hours and OT across six rows.

Rounding Rules

This time clock totals actual or rounded time, including 0,5,10 and 15 minute rounding rules.

Automatic Reset

Care-free automatic reset for short months, leap year and daylight saving time.

Dot Matrix Printing

Durable dot matrix printing and jet black ink ensure clear, easy-to-read punches time after time.

Security Lock

Tamperproof security lock protects clock settings against time theft.

Time and Date Display

Large backlit LCD screen displays time, date and day of week.

Shows how the 4500PP punches in and out times on time card.
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