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Cord Minder Organizer

Cord Minder attached out wall outlet
  • Attaches easily over any standard 2-socket wall or Decora outlets. Access holes allow for Decora outlet cover removal after installation

  • The strong, permanent adhesive strips allows the Cord Minder to accommodate heavy cords

  • Its sleek design with only a 1” depth helps store your cords on any countertop without being big bulky, durable white plastic, unit dimensions 4 3/4"L X 3 1/4"W X 1"D

  • Our Cord Minder organizer is a great way to keep cords off the floor and out of your robot vacuums mouth

  • Wrap and hide those unsightly electrical cords in your kitchen, living room, bathroom, office or bedroom

Cord Minder before/after image or cord organization
Cord Minder showing kitchen mixer plug well organized
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